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Personal Information: First Name: Ali Last Name: Mehrpour Education: ۱٫۵ year Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) engineering higher diploma, Tehran University, BS, Mechanical Engineering-Heat and Fluid, AZAD University (IAU) Tehran, IRAN, Associated degree in “Mechanics-Health and Gas Distribution Facilities” Petroleum University of Technology, Ahwaz, IRAN, Personal Statement I am enthusiastic HSE expert who has been

Personal Information:

First Name: Ali

Last Name: Mehrpour


۱٫۵ year Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) engineering higher diploma,

Tehran University,

BS, Mechanical Engineering-Heat and Fluid,

AZAD University (IAU) Tehran, IRAN,

Associated degree in “Mechanics-Health and Gas Distribution Facilities”

Petroleum University of Technology, Ahwaz, IRAN,

Personal Statement

I am enthusiastic HSE expert who has been promoted gradually and travelled through an in depth steady career path, I have studied and experienced most HSE aspects in oil and gas industry such as; technical HSE engineering, process safety and loss prevention (participation and involvement in design to commissioning of about 20 projects from well head and gathering station to refineries), construction and commissioning HSE management(variety of projects including 2 refineries), HSE MS and IMS implementation(system establishment in corporate level and 3 subsidiaries resulted in 3rd party certification) , firefighting and well capping in real scenes.

As my personal interest; I have developed a broad experience in technical HSE, loss prevention and process safety engineering, five years of pure operation experience always supports me with a deep understanding from HSE requirement in project life cycle.

Technical and practical expertise includes: well qualified and skilled in strategic HSE management and pre planning, problem solving, auditing and risk assessments techniques as certified auditor, process safety management, training course development, emergency management design and implementation originated from real scenes experience(handled 2 complicated well capping operation).

Personal qualities; hard worker, self-driven, target orientated, imaginative problem solving abilities, excellent strategic planning, KPI setting, performance and statistical analysis skills.

Employment Experience:

Jul’۲۰۱۲- To Date:

Oil and Gas Producer in Oman, Oman Oil – OOC

Project HSSE Manager:

Company is major oil and gas producer in Oman and stack holder of other assets out of Oman, I am project HSE manager and responsible for all HSSE aspects of contract such as technical HSE design, process safety and loss prevention, construction HSE management, pre commissioning and commissioning.

Project scope covers offshore pipelines, SPM, jetty, separation facilities, SRU, LPG production and loading facilities, sulfur solidification and loading facilities, 10 million hours without LTI achieved.

In brief I am responsible for develop, implement and maintain a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System for project, some details are as below:

– Review and update HSE procedures to ensure they are suitable and sufficient,

– Suitable HSE standards for office and Plant work environment establishment,

– Participate and engagement in the HSE Reviews/Studies and audits during the Engineering phase of the project,

– Development of a risk registers to document the significant risks and associated controls,

– Develop and implement a competence system for safety critical activities including, lifting operations, diving, working at height, scaffolding, electrical works, energizing, hot work, confined spaces,

– Review and update training programs to ensure alignment with Company standards,

– Based on the most significant risks, develop and implement a Life Saving Rules program in line with project expectations,

– Review and improve (where necessary) worker health and welfare arrangements,

– Create short, medium and long-term HSE activity matrix to include training, audits and drills,

– Establish project KPIs (leading & lagging indicators) and objectives to demonstrate continual improvement,

– Provide HSE inputs into tenders and participate in bid evaluation process,

– Review and Approve the Contractor HSE related documents,

– Implement the competence program and ensure effective delivery of HSE training

– Provide monthly updates to management and recommend changes to improve performance,

– Monitor local legislative reporting requirements

– Develop suitable emergency preparedness program, along with drill schedule

– Supervises HSE Audits, coordinates for readiness/operation check of fire protection equipment both fixed and movable

– Implement the competence program and ensure effective delivery of HSE training

– Conduct and document investigations

– Provide monthly updates to management and recommend changes to improve performance,

– HSE development and preparedness for Commissioning,

Jan’ ۲۰۱۲- Jun 2012:

Value Engineering Center (VEC) Muscat-Oman

Lead Safety and Risk Engineer:

Company is a reputed oil and gas consultant.

I was responsible for projects process safety and risk studies and loss prevention matters.

۲۰۰۸- ۲۰۱۲:


Corporate HSE Manager

Company (Iran Central Oil field Co. ICOFC) is a major oil and gas producer (more than 300 SCMMD) and field developer furthermore company is a major up and down stream facility (gas refinery, NGL plant, gas compressor station, dehydration center, separation center, production, desalination…) developer, which is consist of three subsidiaries.

Extensive responsibilities to manage huge oil gas producer HSE with 3 subsidiaries, about 35 rigs, many construction projects with lots of challenges. To plan, source and commission of an effective and efficient HSE organization was the 1st priority which was done and the great achievements.

In brief I was responsible for:

– HSE-MS and IMS implementation,

– All aspects of company HSE activities monitoring, alignment and maintenance with international requirements,

– All HSE functions supervision including implementation of policies, procedures and designed methods to move company towards its goals in both; field development and production also design and construction,

Detail and accurate supervision on technical HSE engineering, process safety and loss prevention documents generation and review activities, as a major role,

– Detail and accurate persuasion of drilling activates (25rig at least) and participation in daily drilling meeting in need,

– Coordination of company emergency and crisis management committee,

– Responsible for company emergency management system implementation and maintenance (procedures preparation, ensuring procedures are established, managerial and logistic drill planning),

– Project manager of IMS; integrated management system (consist of ISO 14000, OHSAS 18000, ISO/TS 29000, OGP HSE-MS that was accomplished),

– Accident investigation board conduction, RCA and action list follow up,

– Corporate and subsidiaries HSE meeting conduction, coordination and follow up,

– Regular HSE inspection and audit conduction from subsidiaries (production operators) and major contractors (construction) to ensure compliance with IMS and forced requirements,

– Major contractors HSE plan review and monitoring their activities to getting sure of approved HSE plan implementation,

– Contractors HSE key personnel evaluation and setting their approval conditions,

– Corporate HSE statistics analysis (contractors and Corporate),

– Interface and liaison maintenance with management, third parties HSE organizations, insurance carrier,

– HSE goal setting and strategic plans recommendation to top management,

– Supervision of HSE contractual arrangement, schedule and budget monitoring/coordination in design and construction activities.

۲۰۰۳- ۲۰۰۸:


Process Safety and Loss Prevention Engineer

Company is active in onshore oil/gas production, field development and major facility such as gas refinery, desalination facility and gas compressor station construction.

Process safety and loss prevention engineering, furthermore fire and safety system study, design and document review are my personal interest and of course the main and the most interesting activities I have ever performed!

This activity needs a deep understanding of safety and firefighting concepts, process safety, loss prevention, nature of operation, scientific concepts and logic of related software. Nature of this role have given me the chance to deal with different designers with different engineering design approaches, having exposure with variety of cods, standards, practices and getting able to distinguish common pitfalls.

Briefly I have been responsible to perform/health checks of designs/studies as below:

– HAZOP, HAZID team member,

– Control of depressurizing, flare, drainage, ESD, F&G systems design documents for standard correspondence,

– Different HSE studies review qualitative & quantitative RA, industrial loss prevention, process safety, evacuation escape & rescue analysis, dispersion, fire and explosion consequence analysis ,hazard identification and analysis (HAZID, HAZOP, what-if, ENVID, HAZAN)), ERP, ERM,

– Conduct process safety assessment studies including consequence and risk calculations (Detail QRA)for hazard scenarios using PHAST software,

– Prepare performance standards for safety critical elements,

– Active and passive fire protection systems,

– Fire water network and carrying out hydraulic calculation using related software,

– Total flooding systems, based on related international codes and standards,

– Fire and gas detection systems (source of release, source of ignition, detector placing, cause and effect chart preparations …),

– Detector mapping study,

– Layer of Protection Analysis(preventive: design, BPCS, Alarm, SIS and mitigation layers: F&G, RV, RD, Embankment, Emergency response),

– Performing consequence analysis, calculations and philosophy preparation,

– Appropriate resourcing to perform process safety , loss prevention and fire safety engineering design activities,

– Incident investigation, RCA, and case study and lateral learning preparation,

– Purchas order and technical spec. preparation, material requisitions preparation

– Safety representative for commissioning operation,

– SOP and Method Statement preparation,

– Multi discipline coordination i.e. for hazardous area classification, F&G location,

– Document review of firefighting systems design and calculation documents form codes (NFPA, API, BSI, IPS, IP, NZ and …) correspondence aspects,

– HSE case preparation (lectured in IOSH gathering on this topic),

– Extensive HSE SCM, vendor evaluation and vendor list preparation,

– Purging and inert gas calculations,

– PSI setting , monitoring and measurement,

۱۹۹۹- ۲۰۰۳:


Fire and Safety Officer

I will provide details if required



Plant Control Room Operation in Charge

I will provide details if required.

Computer Skills:

– Pipenet full Module(Fire water ring, sprinkle, distribution design- by SUNRISE),

– FireAcad(FireAcad Ins.-Sprinkler system),

– PHAST(DNV-Consequence Modeling of Fire, Explosion, Dispersion),


– Ability to work with COOSA software (CO2Total Flooding Calculation),

– Ability to work with FLACS(GEXCON-CFD Consequence Modeling),

– Flaresim (SOFTBITS-The program calculates the thermal radiation and noise generated by flares and estimates the temperatures of exposed surfaces so water curtain can be calculated),

– FlareSim(Flare radiation and dispersion calculation by Softbits)

– Flarenet(ASPEN-Flare Network Calculation),

– Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint…


– English Fluent

– Arabic Basic

– Persian Native

Certificates in Brief:

HSE Engineering Diploma (Master Equivalent) Tehran University

(Reg. No: 91-01-21)

NEBOSH Diploma Shields (e-learning in progress)
IOSH Managing Safely TUW NORD
OHSAS 18001 Audit SGS
OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor IQCS (IRCA Certificate Number:A18021/800/2011)
ISO 9001:2008 Lead Auditor IQCS (IRCA Certificate Number:A16834/800/2011)
ISO 14001:2009 Lead Auditor IQCS (IRCA Certificate Number: A//)
Functional Safety for SIS professionals IEC-61511 TUV RISKNOWLOGY(2013)

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